People’s freedom to live without fear is so much more important than any freedom to own a gun.

@james fear of what? It is not fear of tyranny for sure because it's guns that empowers people to fight against tyranny.

@arh @james

While question is whether that gun doesn’t become a liability when the enemy is from within, that guilty conscience making itself known for each news event.

@arh fear of being shot and killed. Fear that their kids will get shot at school.

If you think gun ownership has anything to do with “fighting against tyranny” in the 21st century, then you’re either trolling or delusional.

@james those fears will be solved by gun control laws. Strict background checks and regulations to prevent criminal activity.

Guns are tools. You can use them to fight or defend yourself. If you think guns have nothing to do with defending ourselves against a tyrannical system, I would call you naive. Take a look at Middle East for example, where I currently live. None of the dictators here survived when people got armed and none were removed when people didn't own guns.

@arh I can’t comment on your country but I don’t think it’s naive to have a functioning and accountable government without arming the population. Most democracies achieve this.

The USA holds onto its guns because of a sense of individualistic entitlement, and the last time I checked, the people storming the halls of government with guns were *supporting* the tyrant trying to subvert democracy, not deposing him.

Saying “a gun is a tool” doesn’t change the fact that it kills people needlessly.

@james most democracies achieve what? Fake sense of freeeom? What happens if a military decides to rule that democracy? How people will defend themselves?

And yes, that doesn’t change the fact that guns kill people but the reality won’t change. Gun is an essential tool for people to fight. You either disarm the whole world or you give people tools to defend themselves from the armed ones.

@james those Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building are aweful people, just like their fascist leader but that won’t change the necessity of gun ownership. Just because some racist fucks own guns, doesn’t mean others shouldn’t. In fact, that’s another reason to own a gun. I’d like to own a gun when a racist/fascist comes near me rather than be defenseless.

@arh how is my sense of freedom "fake"? Again, I can make no comment on the Middle East, but I don't think this reasoning applies in the USA.

@arh If the *US military* decided to stage a coup, there's literally nothing any number of "hero with a gun" citizens could do to stop them, unless you're also arming people with tanks and missiles.

US citizens with guns are the ones with a fake sense of freedom, because the kind of tyranny that gun ownership defends against is 200 years out of day. And the country is paying for that delusion with human lives. 246 mass shootings this year so far.

@james rights are not rights if they can be taken away. If our freedom can be taken away and we can’t do anything about it, it’s not a right, it’s a privilege. That’s why freedom in almost any western democracy is fake. There’s nothing to be said about eastern ones because well there’s no democracy, even fake one, there to talk about.

@arh All society is a tradeoff of agency for some common benefit. I trade some of my "freedom" to reduce the chances I will die. I trade some of my salary to reduce poverty everywhere.

I would rather live with the (as you call it) "fake freedom" that allows my children to go to schools without fear that they will be killed, than live with the "true freedom" that requires *everyone* to *always* have the capability to murder tens of people in minutes.

@arh again, I make no comment about your country, your circumstances or society. I just don't think this makes any sense in the USA.

Give me European "fake" freedom every single day of my life.

I think we're done here, good luck and all the best.

@james Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. People will lose everything without liberty.

@arh a 200-year-old Benjamin Franklin quote (about taxation and the ability of govern actually) is no substitute for contemporary reasoning.

The modern USA does not need the same protections from tyranny that made sense in a juvenile nation at a time when firearms shot marbles and took minutes to reload.

@arh Many “rights” from that period have been willingly given up - the “right” to own people, for example.

And can guns protecting womens’ rights to control their own bodies? That’s the modern tyranny that the USA faces and fighting it does not, should not, and must not involve automatic weapons.

For real though, we aren’t going to convince each other of the validity of the others’ reasoning, so let’s agree to disagree.

Feel free to mute me if you can’t tolerate anti-gun speech.

@james yeah, and so many rights were taken away, that's why we need guns.

Yes they can actually. That's one form of tyranny and if people decide to resist it, guess how government will try to oppress people? And guess how people can resist it? It's guns.

I agree to disagree. And I apologize if I offended you in any way. I didn't mean to. You and I agree on so many things I believe, including women's rights and how we feel about Trump and his fascist party.

Nice speaking to you.

@james at that time, every gun took several minutes to reload. People need protection from tyranny just like then. Government's guns are advanced, so are people's. People don't need same protection? How come? Are governments proved to be good at all time?

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