Turned off ad-blocking for a second. Wow.

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Wrote something about my experience of the last fortnight in politics in London.

When a politician talks about “what the public wants”, it’s almost always actually about what they want.

“We’ve spent a long time trying to sort of fudge this thing and I think the British public really want us to get out. They don’t want more dither and delay...”

(Boris Johnson, theguardian.com/politics/2019/)

We are all sick of Brexit, yes, but that doesn’t mean we agree with your approach in the slightest!

UK politics 

UK politics 

@thomasfuchs Right now I can barely remember life before Brexit.

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Watched "The Great Hack" a few days ago, and it has inspired me to move as much of my stuff away from Google as possible.

I'd much rather pay a little than continue to feed the surveillance economy.

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@infovore noticed you talking about Dokku on twitter. Where do you host your VPS?

I'm getting a lot of mileage out of Dokku but every now and again my host forces a VPS reboot and then that's _every_ site offline for a spell...

No 👏 production 👏 bugfix 👏 without 👏 writing 👏 a failing 👏 test 👏!

Every tweet is an attempt to have the last word.

A week in rural Scotland reminds me how much I use the Internet

@chrisparsons do you want to be able to do that _without_ running your own server?

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@threedaymonk Jesus, you had me panicking for a second. Glad you're (relatively) OK.

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