Me: can we install tool-x?
Devops: what do you need it for?
Me: explains
Devops: that's been superseded by tool-x-prime
Me: Not quite, tool-x-prime only supports a subset of features and rebuilding what I'm working on to use that will add days/weeks to my workload
Devops: Pretty sure I used tool-x-prime for that a few years ago
Me: please can we just install tool-x and then consider tool-x-prime once things are actually working?
Devops: Sure

Thanks for making me jump through those hoops πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

What should I do with my Berg Little Printer?

@maffeis I wonder if it's useful to consider an instance to _not_ be a community -- at least in terms of interests -- but instead as a society with shared rules (e.g. what's considered acceptable, who they'll federate with and so on).

In that context, does it make sense to have a single identity that exists in multiple societies, that each have different rules?

I love it when signs start with "polite notice" or "friendly reminder"

Watch as I scroll right on past your thread-that-should’ve-been-a-blog-post

Wordle 205 5/6


Wordle 203 4/6


A spoon is just a small bowl that you put in your mouth

A hot take on the bird site sucked me in πŸ˜•

"I feel like everybody avoids politics on social media. Besides that, though, everyone feels like they have a voice."

I found this article about life inside a "content house" fascinating and terrifying:

"When I first invented the hammer* I had no idea how important it would be. And yet ever since, everything I look at turns out to be made of nails."

(* I didn't)

After about a month offline, I finally figured out how to deploy Mastodon docker images to Dokku so I didn't need to keep my stupid Procfile fork around.

The most tangible benefit to this is that I can remove the GitHub fork, and stop getting dependency updates from Dependabot that I can do literally nothing about!


Removed all the analytics from my blog πŸ‘

Quite delicious seeing startup fanboy and Bay Area deserter getting roasted on birdsite for suggesting the country he fled to when the pandemic kicked off needs worse job security to foster innovation.

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