Removed all the analytics from my blog πŸ‘

Quite delicious seeing startup fanboy and Bay Area deserter getting roasted on birdsite for suggesting the country he fled to when the pandemic kicked off needs worse job security to foster innovation.

@jarkko drain the swamp! drain the swa---oh, whatever

I'm all for figuring out ways to support those with incomes threatened by the pandemic, but the reasoning behind this seems bonkers

It seems like the argument is equivalent to "those who choose not to spend money commuting or at Pret, or on office rent, should have that money extracted from their pay/profits".

Maybe just... tax everyone who still has a job to help support those who don't?

Just used the Royal Mail package collection system for the first time. Worked perfectly, zero hassles πŸ‘

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James Adam boosted - in which I take inspiration from @robbyrussell's latest podcast episode for a couple of thoughts about maintainable software :ruby:

#ruby #maintanable

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us politics 

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@thomasfuchs does the transformer make a hum when it's on? We got one for the opposite use (US appliances in Europe) and it's too loud to keep on while the appliance is in use. Which in our case is a lamp, so basically, never.

Me to dev: "We don't need search infrastructure for these records, there's only 8 of them, and all code needs to pull its weight since it all has to be maintained indefinitely."

Dev to me: "Since it's already here, I don't think there's any harm in keeping it in."

πŸ€” πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

@jarkko mine (and friends) frequently crashes when going to sleep. It's incredibly frustrating, compared to the previous version.

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