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Hey folks! Welcome to! 🎉

I'm hoping this will become a good, friendly community for Ruby-folks to chat and discover new friends. But for that to happen, you need to sign up! -- all are welcome

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I don't know what to do about Brexit, so for the 2nd time I'm going to peacefully sit out to spread the message that Brexit doesn't add up:

👉 Parliament Sq, this Wednesday (Aug 22nd), 6.30pm-8pm

Come join me. I'll be planning how to get the word out, and here's why:

Ok, maybe I spoke too soon. Turns out if you haven't got your mail domains set up a day in advance _and_ make the account private, notifications break. Still, at least I can poke into the console to see that it's happening...

Kicking the tires on a private Mastodon instance. If the point is federation then... let's federate?

Private instance for me & my bots