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I anticipate this metric will only increase.

I’ve been in Rome since around 11pm on Thursday, so minus sleeping time let’s call that 28 conscious hours. Therefore:

Current status: 0.17857 cacio e pepe/hour

I mean, you've gotta admire Theresa May's unwavering determination to deliver the shittest possible version of reality that will pass Parliament.

"We'd love to do it properly, but we have deadlines to meet", they say.

"Doing it properly would be faster", I whisper quietly to myself.

There's not much more frustrating as a software consultant than watching a codebase slowly get worse.

Sure, each individual instance of "this is fine for now" isn't terrible, but over time, it's death by a thousand commits.

Theresa May 


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"I’m done with the whole pretence that the argument about Brexit is, and has always been, a subtle jurisprudential discussion about sovereignty, or an exciting debate about the business plan for UK plc."

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Ten years ago, I sat around a fire with some friends after a disappointing big-budget conference, and decided to see if we could do something different. From that seed grew Ruby Manor -- can't believe we've been doing it for a decade!

#ruby #rubymanor #nostalgia

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The first thing I did after watching this video was to immediately watch it again

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We are fucked.
RT Blockchain may resolve Irish border Brexit problem: Hammond


A distinct circle of hell is reserved for people who sit in shared offices talking louding into their phones.

A fiery pit within that circle is reserved for the subset who do it on speakerphone.

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Finally finished my two blog posts on why I’m weaning myself away from Twitter in favour of Mastodon:

What’s wrong with Twitter?

What is Mastodon and why should I use it?

Fediverse drama 

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Next week is a big week cos our MPs return to Parliament after their hols. It's a great chance to be visible.

This is an insane wish... but I'd love to see 100 people join our little sit-out on Weds 5th. Bring a picnic rug and snacks?


Sign up here

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Ate the last of the from last week's course for lunch today. I already have a new levain in the works though. Started it yesterday morning, should be ready to back on Saturday...

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