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My social media strategy is, basically: typing a joke out on Slack, or Twitter, laughing quietly to myself, then deleting it without posting it.

(Except this one).

Ah, the wonderful dance of recompiling everything that depended on an earlier version of `readline` because running `brew install <anything>` updated it and removed the older version...

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I’m available for software development work. Looking for contract, max 4 days/week, mostly remote, not socially destructive. Ruby/Elixir/Scheme/anything else within reason. All leads gratefully received!

Watching the UK parliament voting is my sport 😬

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Another year, another surprise when I get the "Your Flickr Pro renewal" email.

2,000,000 before the day is done? Seems certain.

Whether or not we ultimately leave or remain, we shouldn't be held hostage to this countdown by a failing government.

If you can't march on Saturday, please sign:

Parliament's job is not to enable a minority extremist agenda. If the PM won't change course, the only sensible thing they CAN do is to stop the clock by revoking Article 50.

May has worked tirelessly to re-define what the referendum result means, under the smokescreen of "Brexit mean Brexit" and "the will of the people". Political tribalism and right-wing media enable that process.

The only real threat to democracy is the fostering of public ignorance, e.g. false choices like "my deal or no deal", turning the public against parliament with populist rhetoric, etc...

When any politician says something is a "threat to democracy", they are feeding a soundbite to the media in the hope it will be repeated and become an accepted truth.

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Theresa May's actions today are the height of irresponsibility and have almost guaranteed a no-deal Brexit which will be a disaster for the UK.

The only realistic alternative now is to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU, so please sign this petition:

Corbyn should be uniting the opposition against May, and against no-deal at all costs, but instead, we get… this.

Leave or remain, how about we now "take back control" by revoking Article 50, rather than letting parliamentary paralysis decide the future of the country? 🤦‍♂️

I anticipate this metric will only increase.

I’ve been in Rome since around 11pm on Thursday, so minus sleeping time let’s call that 28 conscious hours. Therefore:

Current status: 0.17857 cacio e pepe/hour

I mean, you've gotta admire Theresa May's unwavering determination to deliver the shittest possible version of reality that will pass Parliament.

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