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“Read my thread where I pronounce authoritatively on something I am barely qualified to talk about, and then retweeted opinions that match my own!”

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Twitter is such a giant pile of hot garbage. Maybe it’s not the company’s fault; maybe it’s the inevitable consequence of social media at scale. But still. Hot, hot garbage.

Totally exhausted by reading all the hot takes on the bird and orange sites about how best to tackle .

Wish I could do something impactful to clarify the discussion without simply adding another tech bro voice to the cacophony.

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> The outbreak of COVID-19 is unprecedented and fast moving. This coronavirus does not discriminate. No virus cares about race, gender or sexual orientation. If we all look out for each other, heed public health advice, and work collaboratively, the COVID-19 pandemic will end more quickly.


has driven me back to birdsite, purely just because it's more important to reach more people at the moment 😥

It’s all starting to happen now, and it’s going to happen very quickly

New passport approved! Fingers crossed it's not going to be one of the new blue cover ones 🤞 🇪🇺

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This is an excellent interview about what we need to start doing NOW to limit the impact of

It’s not about your individual risk of death, it’s about collective responsibility for the health of everyone we meet and come into contact with.

Our cat is largely disinterested in toys. But the fastener between the toy and the wire, she is OBSESSED with

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As a programmer, it’s a hundred times more important to not over-engineer than to “avoid tech debt”.

You will have to refactor and throw away code in the future one way or the other because it’s impossible to know what requirements you may have.

The less code you have, the easier it is to replace.

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I'm not saying you need to panic buy anything, but now is the time to start getting _mentally_ prepared for some significant changes to daily life with COVID-19.

Start figuring out how you're going to handle any social distancing measures, and how you can work from home, if (when) general transmission gets going in your area.

Thinking about what you might need to do now will put you in a much better position to actually do it when the time comes.

This feels a bit mad, but on the other hand, my partner is an epidemiologist working actively on COVID-19, so… 😷👐

Did a £250 online grocery order of non-perishables, in case there's a good reason to avoid leaving the house for a while...

The person sitting next to me has pulled their desk out of alignment from the row by about 6cm and my brain has immediately classified them as deranged.

How do you pronounce `sudo`?

I've got to say, I really like these Air Pods Pro.

The noise cancelling is excellent, transparency is great when dealing with traffic and stuff, and switching from computer to phone and back is a single click instead of a 10 second process like with my other (admittedly much cheaper) Bluetooth earphones.

Plus, charging in the case is fast and means I basically never have to worry about the pods themselves being charged.

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