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The next London Ruby User Group meeting is coming up on the 13th of July. :ruby:

Details here:

Register here:

Everyone is welcome; thanks to lockdown, you don't even need to be in London!

... and if you'd like to speak at LRUG, no matter where you are, we'd love to hear from you. More details about that on too.

:ruby: :ruby: :ruby:

It’s tempting to break my twitter silence, just to find an island I can sell them before they rot. But that would be madness.

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Of *course* the week I go big into the stalk market, my turnip price just goes down and down 😐

When will I learn, that `brew update <some little thing>` can easily break some distant much larger thing, as it updates various libraries like openssl and readline and quietly removes the old ones that existing binaries depend on 😤

I'm not a front end developer and I don't know what I'm talking about, but using BEM and completely abandoning inheritance in CSS seems to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Stay off Twitter

Stay off Twitter

Stay off

“Read my thread where I pronounce authoritatively on something I am barely qualified to talk about, and then retweeted opinions that match my own!”

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Twitter is such a giant pile of hot garbage. Maybe it’s not the company’s fault; maybe it’s the inevitable consequence of social media at scale. But still. Hot, hot garbage.

Totally exhausted by reading all the hot takes on the bird and orange sites about how best to tackle .

Wish I could do something impactful to clarify the discussion without simply adding another tech bro voice to the cacophony.

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> The outbreak of COVID-19 is unprecedented and fast moving. This coronavirus does not discriminate. No virus cares about race, gender or sexual orientation. If we all look out for each other, heed public health advice, and work collaboratively, the COVID-19 pandemic will end more quickly.


has driven me back to birdsite, purely just because it's more important to reach more people at the moment 😥

It’s all starting to happen now, and it’s going to happen very quickly

New passport approved! Fingers crossed it's not going to be one of the new blue cover ones 🤞 🇪🇺

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This is an excellent interview about what we need to start doing NOW to limit the impact of

It’s not about your individual risk of death, it’s about collective responsibility for the health of everyone we meet and come into contact with.

Our cat is largely disinterested in toys. But the fastener between the toy and the wire, she is OBSESSED with

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As a programmer, it’s a hundred times more important to not over-engineer than to “avoid tech debt”.

You will have to refactor and throw away code in the future one way or the other because it’s impossible to know what requirements you may have.

The less code you have, the easier it is to replace.

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